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Quick Dental Tips For New Parents : Dr. Misee Harris

Quick Dental Tips For New Parents : Dr. Misee Harris

Becoming a parent can be very overwhelming. You are likely full of questions and quickly realize that search engines such as Google can be your best and worst friend. Many times, this can leave you with a lot of anxiety and uncertainty about your child’s health. I’m here to bring you some quick tips to keep your child’s smile bright and teeth healthy.

Misee Harris

Start A Home Oral Hygiene Routine Immediately

So your 2 month old baby has no teeth, right? No problem. Start by using a damp cloth or oral wipes such as Spiffies to remove any food from your baby’s gums. Spiffies can be found on Amazon or at your local Walgreen’s store.

Misee Harris

Establish a Dental Home

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, children should establish a dental home by their 1st birthday. Most children erupt their first tooth between 6 and 10 months of age, which is the perfect time to find a local pediatric dentist.

Finding a pediatric dental home will allow your child to receive the best dental care and provide you with knowledge on your child’s oral growth and development.

Healthy Food

Start your child off with soft vegetables such as bananas, sweet potatoes, and peas. Sweet potatoes are known to be high in Vitamin-A and support the developing teeth and gums. Incorporate fruits and other vegetables that are high in Vitamin C in order to combat bacteria associated with gum disease.


As your child grows, so should their toothbrush. Try starting out with an infant toothbrush and replace with a larger brush as your child’s mouth evolves. Be sure to use a soft bristled brush with a large handle that your child can easily hold.

Visit Your Pediatric Dentist Regularly

Making sure that your child has excellent dental care should always be a top priority. Don’t hesitate to call several pediatric dental offices and schedule a tour so that you know what to expect at your child’s first visit. Pediatric dentists want to make sure your dental experience is stress free and inviting.

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