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Choosing a pediatric dentist can be a daunting challenge. The right dentist could oversee a child’s dental care, from a young age until, they are an adult. That’s a commitment that can stretch for nearly two decades. Obviously, as a parent, you want to be fully certain that you’ve made the right choice when it comes to choosing a dentist for your child. 

The expectations of a pediatric dentist are somewhat different than your standard dentist. After all, the experience they have with that dentist could shape their opinion of dentistry for years to come. It only takes one bad visit to the dentist to instill a fear that could last until adulthood. That’s why the best in pediatric dentistry understand the importance of patience, kindness, and understanding. 

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As for the services performed, they may not be entirely different what you experience as an adult. Their job is to assess the risk of cavities, as well as prevent them. They perform routine oral exams, and use that time to identify any potential or existing oral health concerns. They will care for any oral injuries, encourage proper oral hygiene, and repair any existing tooth defects. 

However, in many ways, the services performed at this age are so much more important than in later years. This is the time to instill healthy oral habits in the mind of a child. The habits they build, at a young age, could follow them for the rest of their life. A pediatric dentist is as much of a teacher as they are a dentist. 

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The journey to adulthood all begins with that first visit to the dentist. There, the child will learn about the importance of dental visits, and the dentist will have an opportunity to assess their current oral health. It’s a great starting point for a future filled with smart dental choices. 

Services We Provide: 
Low Radiation Digital X-Rays
Children’s Oral Sedation
Children’s Fluoride Treatments
Children’s Dental Sealants
Cosmetic “Tooth-Colored” Children’s Dental Fillings
Children’s Dental Crowns (White & Silver)

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