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Denim Invasion

Let the denims rule my closet. Did you ever go through a stage when there was a domination of denim? I must admit it is one of the most comfortable and ready to wear clothes that you can grab whenever you are in a hurry and don’t feel like dressing up. Sounds casual, but that was yesterday. As my closet became diverse, my denims were no longer “for t-shirts only.”

denim invasion

You can now wear jeans on any occasion if done and paired correctly. To avoid getting lost in the blue of jeans, the most practical way to wear them is to match it with a white ensemble. A white collared polo, white turtleneck top, white lace top, white blazer or a white tank top. Anything that is plain in color will do and no one will also stop you in pairing it with a stripe, aztec or floral print.

Let’s set aside the bottom. What if it so happens that you wear a one-piece denim dress? Then does that mean that it will be an all-denim-kind-of-day? Break the color! This is the best time to get some fiery colors like fierce red lipstick, or a gold necklace, or an orange sling bag, or even clean white sneakers.

I don’t think I will ever get tired of owning one, up to a dozen pairs of jeans, maybe not until my hair turns gray and I find myself in slacks!

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